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Cyprus Academy of Public Administration

Mission, Vision and Values

CAPA Mission

To contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvement of the Public Service for the benefit of the individual citizens and society at large, mainly through the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive learning policy for the Public Service, at individual, group and organisational levels.

CAPA vision

Our vision is to make a signifcant contribution to the creation of a modern, citizen centered Public Service, being ourselves a model public service organisation - a learning and development organisation that practices what it preaches and enjoys local, European and international recognition.

Some of CAPA’ s core Values

 Transparency and accessibility
 Responsiveness to citizen’s needs
 Excellence, grounded on innovativeness and receptiveness to new ideas and practices.
 Adaptability
 Quality
 Conscientiousness
 Professionalism
 Reliability
 Team spirit
 Equal treatment, impartiality and objectivity
 Continuous learning and development
 Creativity
 Consultation and cooperation with customers and other stakeholders.

Chronological List of Activities