Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Academy of Public Administration

Development and Support of Learning Units

In October 2011, on the initiative of CAPA and under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, an innovative and pioneering project was inaugurated aiming at the decentralization of the management of learning at the level of each civil service organization, including the decentralization of the learning budget. The mechanism for the implementation of this initiative at the level of each organisation is the so called Learning Unit, which is composed of officers designated by their management specifically for this function. The members of Learning Units receive the required training form CAPA before undertaking their task. This task is performed parallel to their normal work duties.

More specifically, the annual work of the Learning Unit for the systematic, decentralized management of learning consists of the four following phases:

a) Learning needs diagnosis/analysis using systematic methodologies (eg. questionnaires, interviews etc),

b) Preparation of a Learning Action Plan to satisfy the diagnosed learning needs,

c) Implementation of scheduled learning activities, and

d) Evaluation of the activities implemented, as well as of the entire Learning Unit’s annual performance.

To secure the decentralised training funds, the Learning Units must submit, in consultation with and through CAPA, the following documents to the Budget and Fiscal Control Directorate of the Ministry of Finance:

a) An annual Learning Action Plan of the Organisation,

b) A report on the Learning Needs Analysis, upon which the Action Plan is based

c) An assessment Report of the work accomplished by the Learning Unit over the previous year.

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