Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Academy of Public Administration

Standard Horizontal Activities

General Administrative Staff Training

The Civil Service General Administrative Staff falls within the category of “interchangeable” staff. They belong to the Public Administration and Personnel Department of the Ministry of Finance, but they staff every Department of the civil service, often changing post and Department every few years.
On the initiative of the Director of PAPD, CAPA, in collaboration with the PAPD’s General Administrative Staff Section and Administrative Staff’s Train Union Branch, designed and is currently implementing a corresponding programme.

The actual programme has been the culmination of a process, which begun in July 2010, with the establishment of a special Learning Unit for all Administrative Staff. The particular Learning Unit functions parallel to the Learning Units which have been established in all civil service organisations and which cover “vertical” learning needs (i.e. organisation-specific, including technical needs).
The Unit, then, in close cooperation with CAPA, proceeded to diagnose and analyse administrative staff’s “horizontal” learning needs (i.e. the needs administrative staff have regardless of where they are currently placed).

The learning needs analysis employed a range of diagnostic methods, including:

- the study of written sources of information like the job-descriptions prescribing the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for each hierarchical level of administrative staff

- interviews with the Directors of different Departments

- workshops with administrative staff of all ranks, currently serving at different civil service organisations.

The Learning Needs Analysis led to the design of three modular training programmes, one for entry level Administrative Officers, one for Administrative Officers A’ and one for Senior and Chief Administrative Officers. The topics and duration of the modules comprising each programme are shown in the tables that follow:

- Training Programme for Senior and First Administrative Officers
- Training Programme for Administrative Officers A’
- Training Programme for Administrative Officers

Chronological List of Activities