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Phaedon M. Kalozois

Mr. Kalozois, B.Sc (econ) Athens University of Economics (1984); M.Phil. (mon. econ.), Glasgow University (1986), started his career in 1988 at the Ministry of Finance where he was appointed as an economist (1988-1991). He was later promoted to the posts of Principal Economist (1991-2001); Senior Economist (2001-2008) and Director of Finance, Ministry of Finance (2008- to date). He participated in the design and implementation of a number of major policy projects and was assigned high-level managerial functions, including the following:

The establishment of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (1988-1991); Deputy Government Commissioner of the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission CySEC- (2000); The EU pre-accession negotiations/ harmonisation of the financial and monetary sector of Cyprus (2001-2004); The adoption of the euro & the Cyprus accession to the eurozone (2006-2008) when he served as chairman of the technical committee for the legislative adoption of the Euro. He was the project manager for the establishment of the PDMO. He is currently a member of the ESDM committee (EU Sovereign Debt Markets).
    Mr. Kalozois is the Head of the Public Debt Management Office, Ministry of Finance, since December 2012.

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      Phaedon Kalozois
      Maria Demetriou
      Panayiotis Tilliros
      Christos Ignatides
      Stelios Leonidou
      Maria Christophorou
      Yiola Georgiou
      Iakovos Kounnamas
      Irene Theocharous
      Marios Pantjiaras
      Public Debt Management Office

      The Public Debt Management Office (PDMO) was established by virtue of the Public Debt Management Law of 2012 within the Ministry of Finance. The PDMO is responsible, for:
        - the handling of debt management operations and execution of transactions
        - the management of the cash surplus of the government
        - the preparation of any legislation with regard to the regulation of debt management operations
        - forms the link between the Ministry of Finance and the credit rating agencies.
        The Council of Ministers may, by virtue of Regulations ratified by the Parliament, delegate further duties to the Public Debt Management Office.