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The Republic of Cyprus issues monthly retail bond series. Government bonds for natural persons (retail bonds) are specially designed to meet the characteristics of natural persons as investors as regards performance, security and liquidity.

This bond has a maturity of six years but with the possibility of early repayment with 90 days’ notice anytime without penalty, using the
Notice for Early Repayment. The interest rate has a step-up structure i.e. it increases depending on the time that the investor will keep it in possession.

Taxes and levies are charged on interest income, according to the legislation in force.

The Cyprus Stock Exchange has undertaken the process of applications as well as the general servicing of investors. The bonds are not admitted to trading at the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Applications may be submitted (i) in person at the Cyprus Stock Exchange or (ii
[attachment "early repaym notice for bonds series 2019-2024.pdf" deleted by Marios Pantjiaras/MOF/Gov] ) by post, through the Application Form

Please consult the
Frequently Asked Questions and other documents below for further information and contact details.

Download file type Acrobat RETAIL BOND FAQs.pdf

Download file type Acrobat Schedule (calendar) of Bond isssuances of 6-year Bonds in 2024.pdf

Download file type Acrobat 2024 RETAIL BOND APPLICATION FORM.pdf

Download file type Acrobat early repaym notice for bonds series 2019-2024.pdf

Download file type Acrobat early repaym notice for bonds series 2014-2018.pdf